Our Team

Our Team

Mark Thomas Moore, ChFC®

Mark helps people get to where they want to be in life. Whether it's moving to a new phase of life or to a new level in their business, he helps them get there. 

Mark is what in the music world is called a producer. He's not always the guy who plays or sings. He's the guy who takes all the threads and weaves them together in a delightful beautiful creation. He first experienced it while a student at George Fox College in Oregon. He put together a musical group with six other people. As a musician, he was the least. But he knew how to put the group together, select the music, and design a program. Their first performance was an audition at Friday Chapel to represent the school that summer across the United States. They unseateted the incumbent group and represented the college during Mark's junior and senior years. He's got a group now called Full Circle Vocal Band and, true to form, everyone else is probably a better singer or player. But the group is succeeding because Mark can see the gift and work his magic to bring it together. Sometimes, he would just love to get on the piano and rip out a mind blowing monster solo, but, alas, it will probably never happen. He just smiles, knowing that his place is in the background laying down strong foundations.

And 30 years in the financial counsel business shows that Mark helps people weave it together financially. The people we work with are already very good. We work to hopefully make incremental improvement in peoples' lives because we've seen that ongoing improvements done consistently can make a significant change over the lifetime of the people we work with.

Jennifer Kuhlman

Jenn runs Q4.

They met while she worked at the now defunct, but legendary, Aide Stationes. With some not-so-subtle prodding from Mark, and the whole- hearted support of her parents, she finished up her work at Cerro Coso. But that wasn't enough for some people—they felt she could do even more, so off she went to Cal State Bakersfield. She emerged two years later with her degree in business finance.

While at CSUB, she did marketing for Mark, and, upon graduation, she began life after office supplies as a personal assistant. She's passed examinations for many licenses and helped clients for more than 15 years now. She's now co-owner of Q4 WealthCare and oversees the day-to-day operation of the firm. 

Jenn has servedon the board of Cerro Coso Commuity College Foundation and the China Lake Rotary Club. She also finds plenty of ways to help out at her church, Grace Lutheran. And she and Mark play music together—now for almost 20 years. She's a bass player, a piano player, and a drummer. The girl rocks!

She's the driving force in coming up with more ways we can have more fun with our clients. That's her reward for her part in providing good care for our client partners' family wealth.

Jenn's come such a long way in living up to her potential. The experience and perseverance she's learned along the way is extremely helpful in achieving our mission to help build our client partners'  family wealth.