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Living Life on Purpose

Another website? Yeah, that's all you need to spend time doing—going through yet another website. So we'll make this quick.

Q4 helps families to pursue growing and lasting wealth.

How does Q4 do that?

Good question. Here's how we partner:

  • We help pursue predictable and sustainable streams of income.
  • We assist you in pursuing multiple and diversified assets.
  • We help you apply leverage more effectively—it counts for more than you know.
  • We help build walls of protection around who and what you love.
  • We help you establish a lasting legacy for your family and your community.
  • We help you stay focused on the highest quality life for you and your family

We've been helping families in the Sierra Mojave for going on thirty years. Our mission is to help people have the wonderful lives they want most. 

Are you thinking we don't sound like most money types? That's because we, like you, are one of a kind. You can browse our site for a general idea of what we do. And you can call us for your complimentary one hour consultation to see if there might be good in us working together.