01. Purpose

We strive to assist people who have dedicated their lives to public service careers enjoy fulfilling retirements. These civic servants—teachers, city, county, state, and federal workers including law enforcement and the military are our heroes. We want them to have great retirements.

02. Philosophy

Mark and Jenn care about people. People with their own ideas about life. People in on-going transition in an ever-changing world. Mark is fond of saying, “We make plans. Life happens. We adjust our plans. We move forward. Repeat.” You’ll be glad we are there to adapt and persevere with you.

03. Process

Knowing you is our most important job when we work with you. We’ve discovered it takes more than an entry interview. The better we understand where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go, the better we can help you have a wonderful life in retirement. We’ll be there for you then, too.

Three-Legged Race

01 Life in the Work Lane

When you’re just starting out after university or training, you don’t make the big bucks. But it sure is fun to make some money! It can all get spent, especially if you start off with a big college loan to pay off. Then come children, each with a 20 to 25 year support bill. Food, shelter, transportation, incidentals, and a little for fun! And of course, a bit for down the road. You can do it!

02 Life in the Empty Nest

It’s hard when the kids embark on their own lives, but it grows on you. More money and time to spend on your own life. And now that you have years of established thrift habits, you know how to accelerate your progress by saving more. Now is the time to revive interests or hobbies you may have had to put on hold. Or maybe it’s the time to investigate some new passions. This is great practice for the next leg!

03 Life in the Fun Zone

Jennifer and Mark like to “have more fun!” We’ll encourage you to have fun too. When you get to the Life After Work Stage, you’ll need good finances, good health, and a good plan. We can help. And down the road, you’ll find yourself slowing down. You’ll make more trips to your doctors (often out of town) and have your adventures closer to home. We’ll be there for you then, too.

Our Team




 “Be sure to enjoy your life. Love, Mark & Jenn.”



What Is Your Minimum Investment?

We like working with good people. Most of our clients have come to us after they have a good start. Mark started in the early 80’s with small accounts and grew with people. As Jennifer herself is younger, we are actively seeking to add young clients who are ready to get serious about their money.


What If I Want to Stop Working with Q4?

While we truly strive at the beginning for both parties to agree the potential working relationship would be a good match, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Because we deal as little with commissions as possible, both parties will be minimally affected in the event of a decision to disassociate.


Will I be forced to buy investments that are proprietary (manufactured by Commonwealth Financial Network), being pushed by your firm, or help meet a quota—or can I buy what I want to buy?

NO! The fact that we’ve chosen to partner with Commonwealth means that our firm remains independent, without pressure to promote proprietary products or strategies—so you can feel confident the recommendations we make are based on your best interests. It’s a model that differs from that of other financial firms whose financial representatives are accountable not just to their clients, but also to the parent company that employs them.


Mark Moore |
In our wildest imaginations, none of us ever thought we’d be going through what we’re going through now. Who of us have conceived of being imprisoned in our homes, banned from the workplace as we once knew it, that home schooling would become the new “normal,” and that separation coupled with impersonating masked bandidos would be the rule when venturing beyond home? And just when we thought it was finally exiting stage right, we find...