Our Process

Partner with a specialist in pursuing family wealth.

So far, none of our clients had the good fortune to be born with silver spoons in their mouths.

Actually, that's a good thing. We're proud of the good things our clients have accomplished in their lives and what they've made of them.

Our Q4 mission is to help good people build even better lives. With the understanding that wealth is far more than just money, we strive to help our partners build lasting legacies of family prosperity and meaning.

Q4 WealthCare strives to do more than sell financial products and offer advice. Our desire is to bring wisdom to bear in the financial affairs and lives of our partner clients.

We believe wisdom is when knowledge meets real world experience and is prudently executed.

Any attempts to build wealth that fail to address all aspects of wealth are flawed. Therefore, we work closely with our clients to consider their plans in total, not just a random part here and there. 

Here Is What We Strive to Address:

  1. Building income
  2. Building assets
  3. Building leverage
  4. Building walls of protection
  5. Building a family legacy
  6. Building your best life

Not Just the Latest Buzzword

We always marvel how the financial services industry can come up with a new buzz phrase like "financial planning" or "wealth management" to paint an old horse. With us, the pursuit of family wealth is our driving vision. But passion and vision are not enough. We've built a process driven method that allows us to "work on purpose" to target your family goals.