Our Business Model

We founded Q4 Insurance & Financial Services after nearly 35 combined years in the industry.

Our desire is to provide a comfortable and private interface to help you make wise decisions for your life and your financial resources. In a world far less complicated in an age not too far past, life was simpler. Life today is constantly changing with more and more choices to make. It can be both confusing and intimidating.

Trust can only be earned, not given.

Blind faith is sheer folly. We'll never ask for your trust, but we'll work to deserve it. And in the end, we hope you'll find us to be invaluable allies in your quest for your most hoped for life.

Our model revolves around providing wise counsel derived from walking alongside people in their life journeys. We've shared in the grief that accompanies the loss of a beloved mother, father, or child. We've rejoiced as parents have graduated from being mere parents to becoming proud grandparents. We have helped families sacrificially save for college and breathed a sigh of relief with parents on graduation day. We've felt the pain of seeing healthy clients endure the physical, mental, and financial stress of a serious illness. We've suffered with children who are trying to straighten out the mess left by parents with no will or estate plan.

There are no easy solutions to the difficult problems that accompany life. But we're committed to dealing with life and financial issues before they become life disasters. We're famous for our persistence. Procrastination is too costly a method of dealing with life.

By law, all financial companies must partner with a broker/dealer. We've chosen Commonwealth Financial Network®, one of the preeminent independent broker/dealers in the United States. Our partnership of over 15 years with this outstanding company is one of the best choices we have ever made for both our clients and ourselves. This partnership provides you access to a wide variety of financial instruments to complement your financial goals. It also helps us serve you in a seamless and efficient manner by providing back office, investment, and technology support. a

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