Like most of our peers in the financial services industry, we started out as commission oriented salespeople. Mark got started in 1983 with New York Life and found quickly that feeding a wife and four children meant he better get out there and sell. So in spite of his basic hate of selling, he sold.

The problem with this model is that once the sale is made, there is little or no compensation provided afterwards to the salesman. Thus the old lie, "Of course I'll still love you tomorrow."

So Q4 WealthCare is about another model of compensation. And we think it's a better model.

Our model revolves around providing wise counsel and ongoing monitoring of your family wealth.

  1. Wealth Management. This is the annual investment you make in building your family's wealth. We work in an ongoing process striving to build your income; your assets (inclusive of even those we don't directly manage for you); your leverage; walls of protection; and your legacy planning. Your investment is modest and based upon your total net worth.
  2. Asset Management. This is a small annual fee for managing investments through our Broker/Dealer, Commonwealth Financial Network. We have recently reduced it for all new clients to separate our two management activities as an Investment Adviser Representative of Commonwealth into both affordable and measurable entities. 
  3. Insurance Products. Unfortunately, insurance companies still prefer the commission model. Since we believe insurance is an important tool for protecting wealth, we arrange for our clients to secure it when needed. We agree to fully disclose all compensation on any insurance placed through Q4.

We accept only those clients who implement both Wealth and Asset Management. 

We are committed to partnering with our clients to pursue wealth and enjoy the lifetime process of working with highly motivated and committed partners towards that end. We are fully aware that this is not the model for everyone. But it fits who we are and we practice what we preach: we're living the kind of lives we want. For those clients who either want to or are ready to move past the commission model of compensation, we may be a good fit. 

There's only one way to find out: our initial consultation, a mutual discovery session, is free. That gives both of us the opportunity to look each other over and decide if it would be in both of our best interests to work together.

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